Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Memoir, Poetry

Publications and Honors

My Sister’s Picture (Simon & Schuster)

Poetry, essays and articles have appeared in various national magazines and literary journals, including Paris Review, Fiction International, Nimrod Journal, Wisconsin Review, Sun, Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Sanskrit, The Distillery, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Washington Post.


Atlantic Review Poetry 2016 International Poetry Competition
Los Angeles Review Literary Awards 2016
Writer’s Digest 87th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition

Upcoming books:

A Novel

THE RED DIRT ROAD takes place in the 80’s & 90’s, when LGBTQ rights and same-sex marriage were not yet realities and when the fear of AIDS shaped the way people lived and navigated intimacy.

When she’s seven months pregnant with her second child, Rebecca’s husband informs her that throughout their marriage he has been having anonymous sex with men. Faced with a husband who now sleeps on a mattress on the living room floor and a betrayal that has clamped down like metal on the inside of her life, Rebecca finds herself looking to the past to understand her present and, ultimately, to figure out what to do about her future.

Spurred on by her friend Alix, she orchestrates a reunion with friends from a life that feels more distant now than ever—at the all girls camp they’d attended as young girls. But nothing is as simple as it had felt in the idyllic Maine woods so many years before. And maybe nothing ever was.

THE RED DIRT ROAD paints a vivid picture of sexuality, lives falling apart and the journey toward making them whole again.

A Novel

Rosalie, Nicholas, and their six-year-old daughter, Lee, lead a quiet, secluded life in the mountains of New Hampshire. For Rosalie it’s perfect, isolated from the modern world, until a tiny fracture in her psyche suddenly begins to splinter beyond her control. The solitude she used to revel in when Nicholas and Lee left for the day now feels overwhelming in its stillness, and she longs for connection to something larger than herself.

When a house is built on the other side of the woods and she meets her new neighbor Lydia at the pond between their homes, Rosalie senses a chance at reconnecting. But will their tentative friendship at the water’s edge be enough to draw Rosalie back into the world? Is this friendship based in reality or is it merely Rosalie’s desperate attempt at connection?

TOURING THE NILE is both a tender and visceral novel exploring community and isolation, and exposes the psychology of modern life.


THE LAKES HAVE BEEN COMING DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAINS FOR A LONG TIME creates a new language around themes most often held at bay. Deeply rooted in nature and consciousness, these poems explore grief and loss, the bonds of children, parents and lovers, and provides both a visceral and spiritual view of human experience. With visionary urgency, the poems focus on both intimacy and wholeness, isolation and brokenness. By revealing and then transforming the unspeakable, THE LAKES HAVE BEEN COMING DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAINS FOR A LONG TIME creates a visual and lyrical pathway from fear into courage.