THE PROMONTORY/National Sibling’s Day

by Cathy Arden on April 10, 2015



in memory of my sister, Doren

Rubbings of balsam and basil

and the tiny gold wishbone, the pearl

move further down

It is your voice

folding into the supple ground

into a trail of months

catching up with the intimate songs

we sent spinning in lake water

to compensate, somehow, for your pain

You still attend to me

and I have been holding you

close to my moods

like reassurance

unaware of world news

as if you might still come around again

in your high heels and pearl necklace

with information and fun plans for the day

We said, “We look alike except for

our mouths.” It isn’t exactly true

that the dead separate from obvious places

Your expressions coming up on my face

stray animals appearing in the glass

keeping warm

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