by Cathy Arden on October 3, 2014



Martha Graham Loss




Who are you supposed to be
in the dream
always coming back to me
once a year
or every few years
in a crisis

you are holding me
in the present
in the dream
the always kiss

I have always been waiting
and you always returning
in the dream
we merely resume
the recalled love
it is expected
it is the only story told

the gates are closing
we are sacred
no matter how late
or how sad life may be
or how long

you meant to keep your word
so many years in between
marriage and children
relationships, death
people we love
who so rarely return now
in dreams

you are the recurring
the reunion
that never took place
and yet continues
in ghost magic, in prayers
when you kiss me

you stay
and you stay
and you stay

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