London with Micah, my son — not Didion, my dog.

by Cathy Arden on November 22, 2012

What I feel tonight is this – if you are not a sleeper on planes in this century, you are doomed. The weak will fall, as usual. I am one of the weak, never to sleep on planes, or any moving vehicle for that matter. Have mercy on me please, because I have been undone between Los Angeles & London. Bodies around me are prone, thanks to flat beds in cabins. I am a pretender.  I am prone but I do not sleep. I keep my eyes closed for the good part of 9 hrs. I am a prisoner of no sleep, but I try to look like the others who are free & dreaming. London where I am with Micah! My 20 yr old son. He’s been studying in Cape atown for a semester amid it must be strange for such a world traveler & independent man to be thrown together with his mother 24/7.  But here we are, a mother happy, a son — well, I don’t dare speak for him.  But here’s a glimpse. And not to worry, Didion is not forgotten and is well loved & well cared for back in Santa Monica with caregivers who love & tend to both my mother & my dog.  Here are my two guys.

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Iris December 7, 2012 at 10:22 PM

Micah has turned into quite a handsome young man. And what can I say about Didion? He’s just adorable.


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