I am a native New Yorker and I moved to California from New York six years ago to dedicate myself to my two passions, acting and writing.  I’ve been happily going full steam ahead in those endeavors — I’ve been acting on stage and in movies, I’ve completed a novel and I frequently post on my blog, Raining Cats and Dogs, which will be the basis for my new memoir.  My first memoir, My Sister’s Picture, was published by Simon and Schuster.  Within the last year, something new arose for me — the desire to pursue a passion that has long been with me, since my days as a volunteer Rape Crisis Counselor in the Emergency Rooms of St. Vincent’s and St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospitals in NYC.  Years after volunteering for those Rape Crisis programs, I volunteered at a Women’s Homeless Shelter, also in NYC.  All of these experiences involving being in service to others helped put me in touch with my core values, my creativity, and my passion for life.  I discovered that helping people is in my DNA, and frankly, the most rewarding experiences I’ve had have come from that part of myself.

A couple of years ago, thanks to one of my oldest and dearest friends, I was made aware of Martha Beck and the Martha Beck Life Coach training program. Martha Beck is a best-selling author who received her Ph.D. from Harvard as a sociologist.  But what is most interesting about Martha Beck is her life story.  It’s quite an arc that speaks of her courage, her passion, her resourcefulness, her brilliance and her creativity.  I began to read her books and watched videos I found of her speaking.  I was stunned that everything she wrote and said resonated with me, despite the fact that our lives have been vastly different.  For example, I decided when my two children were young, 8 and 12 years old, to move to Paris with them and live there for a year. I was a single Mom, living in Nyack, NY.  Many people around me thought I was crazy and when they asked me why I was making this move, the only way I could describe it was that I was compelled to do so and that I had learned to trust my “higher self.”  Martha Beck calls this feeling that compels someone so strongly their “essential self.”   She has not only developed a structure and explanation for events and experiences I have gone through, but by way of her Life Coach Training program was teaching people how to help others clear away the elusive obstacles blocking their best selves.  Here was the piece that had been missing from my life for a number of decades — my passion to help others get through difficulties, to help them emerge from dark places by finding their truest selves, and to find the courage and faith to change their life, to trust their innate ability to soar.  I decided to take the plunge and train to become a Martha Beck Life Coach. I have since graduated from that training program and I am thrilled to be working now as a Life Coach.

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